Inovasi Akses Assistive Technology untuk Mahasiswa Disabilitas Pendengaran dengan Pendekatan Prinsip Universal Design

Rachmita Maun Harahap • Imam Santosa • Deddy Wahyudi • Widjaja Martokusumo
Conference paper Seminar Nasional Seni dan Desain 2017 • October 2017

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 8 pages)


The culture of hearing disabilities is one of the minority that is still marginalized of rights, including in this case the fulfillment of needs for access of information communication and technology (ICT). Design for individual of students with hearing disability in a campus environment that focuses through barrier-free access. Over the past decade, the universal design movement, which strives to produce of products and environments that suit the individual needs of students with hearing disabilities, has provided product innovation and standard assistive technology. The concept of universal design and application is remain largely limited to the physical and visual domains. Considerations for assistive technology access in campus environments for individual of students with hearing disabilities continue to experience deficiencies. Critical reflection of how innovation design of assistive technology sort of fearing disabilities communicator “speech recognition” can choose speech to text or text to speech allows to block or change the individuals way of active participate in various learning and teaching activities in the lecture space. Based on the result of interview observation through instrument questionnaire wich amounts 56 respondents studenst or alumni with hearing disabilities of in various universities said that they still have difficulty communicate with lecturers hear or other students, because of their inability to use and understand the sign language them use. Use solve the problem, researcher is designing an application that utilizes communication technology of speech recognition so individual of students with hearing disabilities can help communicate with lecturers and students hear or otherwise. This research is successful in producing of technology application “TextHear” (Speech to Text Hearing Aid) and "Kaist" (AppForTheDeaf) or which can help communication between student of hearing disabilities and Lecturer hear.




Seminar Nasional Seni dan Desain 2017

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